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Alien Zap 2.0

Top-down 2D shooter

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Shoot your way through the hordes of aliens and kill every last one of them to survive. Choose between the three available difficulty levels and complete each of the 10 levels.

Alien Zap is a new shooting game where you have to fight against a gang of green monsters. You will be in a mysterious parallel world inhabited by horrible green monsters. The enemies will be around you everywhere. The main objective of the game is to clean the battle field from these green monsters and stay alive. It is a very simple plot. The music will submerge you totally in this mysterious world. All this you will find in this new freeware game of aliens.

The main characteristics of this game are: exceptional animated graphics, great sound effects and background music, combination of mouse and keyboard controls, friendly user interface, install and uninstall support, lifetime technical support, and many others.

The system requirements are very basics, it’s supported only on Windows Operating Systems, 64 MB of Ram and a least of 15 MB of free hard drive space. The required resolution is of 800 x 600 or better and DirectX 5.0 at least…. Try it and you will get a lot of fun with this shooting game.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Friendly-user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Install
  • Life-Time support


  • Only supported in Windows Operating Systems
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